Urban Summer



Something new for this year is our Urban Summer Project! Because this is something new it is always good to clarify what this is all about and why it is part of our project line up…


The Urban Summer Project is designed to be a second beach project! Last year we had 90 applicants for Nelson but only 60 spots. This project enters the line up to accommodate that need. It is designed to work with aligned students who might otherwise have gone to Nelson. Its aim is to grow their confidence in sharing their faith in a wider range of settings than just the normal campus environment, i.e. with friends, family, workmates and classmates. Alongside that, this project will clearly outline a pathway for recruitment to NZ based internship opportunities.

Student Profile:

This would be a great project for students who are soon to become CSLs or those who already are. Urban Summer won’t replicate the same basic training that Nelson has, so we are looking for students who are familiar with basic evangelism skills. First-year students could be a good fit if they have had a good level of involvement throughout the year. Their skills in evangelism will be cemented and they will be exposed to tools beyond the survey and KGP.  The goal is to see these students discover ways of communicating their faith in the everyday contexts of life; working, serving and playing.

Looking forward to our first one – bring on December 2016!